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Notable Customers with CT Phone Systems

John Deere


One of our most prestigious customers! We have multiple clients from this agriculture power house. Companies including C&B Operations and Blanchard Equipment have both improved production with our affordable hosted business phone system!

Truflame Gas Company


Another major company distributing propane across the southeast! Thanks to  CT hosted business phone system Truflame can continue to warm up to south.

Mr.Fresh Produce


Healthy produce distribution is a breeze when everyone you need is one click away! See How Mr.Fresh enjoys our phone system.

Lee Law Group


One of many CT's law firms with full access to our State of the art Accession integrated phone system. The will be happy to inform you about our business phone service personally while they take care of all of your legal needs!

Midwest Mission Distribution


CT also service phone systems to Non Profit Organization see what they have to say!

Total Service Communication


A testament to CT high volume call management. The intricacy of our Hosted Business Phone System is even able to support and provide service to other  communication companies in your local area!

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Notable Partners and consultants

Tri-City Communication



We are the Mid-Atlantic region’s leader in quality communications cable installation and testing. We are available to offer your business or organization an effective solution to your connectivity needs. We provide Structured Cabling Systems for Government projects, home offices and businesses large and small. Our workers are BICSI certified and maintain the highest standards in structured cabling installation and repair.

A structured cabling system, or SCS, is defined as a set of cabling and connectivity products that integrates the voice, data, video, and various management systems of a building or large facility. This may include a safety alarm system, security access, a building-wide phone system, or video surveillance. We at Tri-City Communications can work with you to plan and install an effective security system for your business or cable television access to your school or medical facility. For over 17 years, we have served Virginia and the Carolinas with quality services.

Wireless Consultants



Monthly Telecom Bill Review

We provide a detailed report that is easy to understand, every month via email.

Rate plan Analysis

Our expert staff and support, keep up with the ever changing telecom market, so we can ensure our clients have the best possible pricing for their unique usage habits.

Purchasing agent

We help facilitate the purchase of service and equipment at the best available pricing.

Credit follow up

We request and track credit for billing errors discovered during our monthly analysis.

Phone system implementation, (VOIP, PBX, PRI, POTS lines and more)

We help facilitate the procurement of new phone systems, with trustworthy service providers, and walk our clients through the changeover/ porting process.

Blackwater Business Partners


Highly Skilled network and telecom Consultant who uses CT to serve numerous clients with a trusted hosted business phone systems. Check out this video to learn more!